Prerana is a sanskrit word used to describe the initiaiating life force of nature. In the natural world, we see prerana everywhere. It is the way an acorn becomes a massive oak or the way plants will grow as high as they can toward the light. Prerana is our ability to grow to our maximum potential. Prerana yoga is dedicated to unlocking this force within us all.

Elissa Voigt

I have been practicing yoga for five years and I have watched my life transform from anxiety-ridden, depressed and addicted to a more peaceful purpose. Through yoga and thanks to my all of my teachers, (including students) I have found a freedom I did not know was possible and it is my ultimate goal to share this freedom with every student I have. I received my yoga therapy credentials from Hilaire Lockwood at Hilltop Yoga studio of Lansing and I continue to study under the direction of Robert Verdell of Globoflo Yoga. I believe that everyone can benefit from what a yoga practice has to offer, no matter what your health and fitness goals are. Yoga develops a heightened awareness that encompasses your whole being allowing you to become the freest and most alive version of yourself.
prerana yoga.
I teach paddleboard yoga because I love being able to offer my practice to the elements.  When you are surrounded by the beauty that nature presents, you become inspired to dive deep into your own practice and find that beauty inside as well.   I have participated in the American Canoe Associations Stand Up Paddle Board Training Program for the last two years and I look forward to assisting you in finding your water bound practice!