Corporate yoga programs make a bold statement about the business which chooses to provide them.  Bringing Prerana Yoga into the workplace means you are dedicated to quality by ensuring your employees are well cared for.  The transition from palliative to preventive medicine is an achingly slow process within the western medical industry, however, insurance companies and businesses such as google, HBO, Nike, Forbes and Apple are embracing the change and offering yoga programs as part of their health care plans.  The reality is that businesses are paying more every year in workers compensation claims and yoga programs offer very real and affordable solutions. 
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In-House Corporate Yoga 
classes are designed to alleviate the stress on the body and mind from performing repetitive motions. Whether employees are seated at desks all day, or if they are standing, lifting or operating machinery. Short yoga classes offer education in how to move safely and efficiently. Yoga classes also offer a method of stress-reduction, deep relaxation, and strengthens the relationships of employees to one another and to themselves.  When you bring Prerana Yoga to your work site, expect an in depth analysis of the ergonomic demands your company asks of employees.  Then, a series of yoga classes will be formulated to suite the needs of your Company.  Rates vary due to demand.  
Don't let your day job affect your weekend style
Keep your spine limber and your mind straight...

Lunchtime Aerial

New to the downtown Lansing area, Preranyoga offers lunchtime aerial classes for participating businesses.  Spend your lunch break undoing the damage of sitting for an entire day.  These inversion classes are beginner friendly and hardly require a change of clothing, although shorts may be a good idea!  Click here to find out more about the benefits of aerial yoga.
To book Preranayoga for your business or to enroll in lunchtime aerial classes contact elissa@preranayoga.com 
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I see yoga as a dance between our outer self and inner self.  When you bring Prerana Yoga into your business, expect the health and well-being a yoga practice offers and enjoy the art of movement that your workplace environment already provides.