Have you ever ask yourself why birds fly together or how migration patterns work? The natural world operates through communal intelligence that seems forgotten by modern man; However, this knowledge is not lost to us. YOGA JAM invites you to experience what it is to sync up with the powerful forces of nature, group effort, and your inherent, creative self expression. The work of yoga is to discover ones true self, or in other words to find center. When you participate in a Yoga Jam class, you prove that no matter where you are or who you are with, you always have the ability to find center and be part of the collaborative masterpiece which is nature. 
WE ARE YOGAJAM, a community driven yoga class held in different locations throughout Lansing.  We are an art collaborative and a call to all artists: poets, rhymers, DJ's, musicians, dancers, yogi's, yoga teachers and all the forms we take. YOGAJAM is a flashmob style yoga class, meaning anyone can join up.  Class times and locations are listed below with additional class announcements on the YOGAJAM Facebook page. If you don't use Facebook and would rather receive text message notifications, please email elissa@preranayoga.com. All YOGAJAM classes are free, however donations are encouraged and go (unless specified otherwise) to Homeless Angels, a Lansing non-profit dedicated to connecting homeless families with community aid.
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Homeless Angels
& Inversions
for Charity
Sunday August 23, 4-5pm
American Martial Arts Academy
What if we belong to each other?