What if we belong to the the the air?
Prerana Yoga asks:
YOGAWILD is an environmental protection and advocacy group.  Using Yoga classes, fundraisers, community events and many other modalities, we strive to connect everyone in reconnecting with our mother earth.
Have you ever asked yourself why birds fly together or how migration patterns work? The natural world operates through communal intelligence that might seem separate from us.  YOGAWILD invites you to experience what it is to sync up with the powerful forces of nature, group effort, and your own inherent, self expression. The work of yoga is to discover ones true self, or in other words to find center. When you participate in a YOGAWILD class, you prove that no matter where you are or who you are with, you always have the ability to find center and be part of the collaborative masterpiece which is nature.  So come explore & practice in natures playground.  Take pride in your home and  play your part in keeping our streets friendly, our water and air clean and our land fertile. 

When you attend a YOGAWILD class, part or all of your class fee is donated to protecting our local natural resources.  The links below offer insight into the various environmental groups and projects you support with your practice.

Mid Michigan Environmental Activism Council

Greater  Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management

Ingham Conservation District

Michigan Sierra Club

The truth is our water is polluted and we know this deep down.  However, the Lansing area does boast swimable rivers, ponds and lakes.  They key is knowledge.  Knowing your environment and how to protect yourself against moderate levels of pollution.  Prerana Yoga works with local water officials and scientists to ensure our students are safe and informed.  To learn more visit the bottom of this page...

Did you know that storm drains are NOT connected to sanitary sewer systems and treatment plants?  ONLY CLEAN WATER SHOULD FLOW INTO STORM DRAINS!  To learn more follow the Stormwater Management link above.

Do you know where our drinking water comes from?  "The Saginaw aquifer – which stretches from 25 to 600 feet below the surface -- is one of the most spectacular natural resources in all of Michigan."  Read more here

Crego park and Fidelity Lake was the home base for Prerana SUP Yoga classes this summer.  Nestled close to the heart of the city, and yet completely secluded and quiet, this lake gave many of us delight, inner peace, and that mini-vacay we needed this summer.  However Crego was not always the cleanest and best-kept secret lake in Lansing.  Learn more about the redemption and restoration of Crego park here.
Have you heard about line 5 yet?  Efforts to ensure that this pipeline does not spill chemicals into the Great Lakes have been building momentum for the last few years.  Join other Michigan Water protectors and find out how you can get involved by following the links below:

Water Protectors Protest Line 5

Great Lakes Water Protectors

Oil and Water Don't Mix

Clean Water Campaign

This newsletter covers the way Prerana SUP students contributed to protecting local freshwater resources this summer, reviews SUP Yoga students experiences on the water and offers ways to stay up on your paddleboard skills and connected to clean water activism all winter long!


I teach paddleboard yoga because I love being able to offer my practice to the elements. When you are surrounded by the beauty that nature presents, you become inspired to dive deep into your own practice and find that beauty inside as well...

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Is my water safe?  Can I swim here?

"We should feel as safe to play in our water as we do to breathe in our next breath..."  Paul Brogan
Prerana Yoga monitors various organizations that work to bring water quality data into the forum of public knowledge.  This is an ongoing process as our environment is constantly changing.  For most up to date information please stay tuned to this website and to our Lansing SUP Yoga facebook page.  There are a number of groups, both non-profit and governmental which oversee systematized testing of our local freshwater.  The Department of Environmental Quality and Ingham Conservation District provide us with reports on water quality almost yearly.  Tests examine microinvertabrates and measure bacteria, namely E.Coli, to assess the overall health of the waterway and determine the safety of people living and playing on, near or in the water.   The most recent tests were performed in 2017 buy the DEQ and in 2016 by Ingham County.  Both test yielded fair to excellent results on waterways close to the downtown area.   Our water is safe to play on and in, given we take the following precautions:

1.  Do not play in the water until 48 hours after heavy rainfall
2.  Do not enter water if you notice flags or Health Department postings 
3.  Shower after swimming or being submerged in local freshwater

MSU Surface Water Monitoring
No registration is necessary.  First come, first serve.  Doors open at 830.  Class is free, please bring one gallon of non-nestle water.