While I have no belts or titles, I love to train Muy Thai, Ju Jitsu and Capoeira.  My yoga practice informs my Martial Arts technique and vice versa.  I am pleased to team up with East Lansing Hot Yoga and American Martial Arts Academy to bring these classes to anyone who trains in the Lansing area.

Whether you train for the ring or train for fun, my hope is that you can use this yoga class to increase your range and up your game, not only in breath and body, but also in mind and spirit.
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Learn more about my yoga teacher Robert Verdell of Globoflo yoga. 
Post yoga glow, MMA champ Ronald Mann and me!
Ron currently holds the 170 lb welterweight title for Capitol City Cage Fighting with Ron Deleon and he is the first amputee to do this. Ron was also the first amputee to compete in ISKA kickboxing and mma. He has fought mma, kickboxing, san shao and submission grappling and is 17-2-1 overall with a 7-2-1 in mma. Ron is a powerful athlete, an inspiring coach and a talented motivational speaker.
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Hot Yoga for Mixed Martial Arts
​Sundays 10am $5
East Lansing Hot Yoga
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OR email me personally for special rate
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Where boxing and Yoga become one
Class is a mix of 8 rounds of boxing, calisthenics and yoga intermixed. You will learn the form and technique of basic punches and combinations while practicing them on your own punching bag. Each round builds in intensity and is mixed in with core routines, cardio drills and basic yoga moves.
Because your worth fighting for.